Friday, February 27, 2009

Friendly Face Interview

Ashley Renee Majercin Babcock

For 4 years I was an only child. I don't remember those days at all. Ashley was my very first sibling...and from what my mom says - I was just the littlest mommy and loved her sooo very much. I still feel the same way. As the years have gone on and we have aged - my sisters have become my very best friends. Meet Ashley.

Born: April 28, 1983 in Phoenix, AZ

Resides: In Scottsdale, AZ with my cute little family

Married: to my high school sweetheart, Brett, since June 18, 2004

Marriage Advice: really need to be able to talk things out.

I Love My Husband Because: He always puts our family first. He does so much for us and is an amazing father.

Kids: Rylee (4) and Jake (2)

Work: SAHM and nanny to Brady, Lily and Lincoln

Favorite Vacation Spot: San Diego...I just LOVE everything about California.

Favorite Food: Mexican food - I could live off of chips and salsa (me too!!)

Favorite Holiday: Christmas - I love everything about that time of year.

Favorite TV: Right now...the Bachelor is my favorite. But, since it's going to end...Grey's Anatomy. Thank goodness for DVR, I tape a lot of shows!

Favorite Book: I've never been a big reader...but, anything non-fiction.

Favorite Pastimes: I love to have everyone over at my house. We have a lot of game nights and poker nights at my house and I love it. Also, spending time with my mom and sisters. I think it's time for another girls weekend!! Thanks Dad!

Pet Peeves: When I let someone cut in while driving and they don't wave. UGH!!...I hate that! I simple hand up is enough for me!

What Makes You Laugh?: My kids!! Rylee is our little performer and I just taught Jake a couple of dance moves that are so cute.

What makes You Cry?: Lately...American Idol. I just can't make it through one episode without crying!

Favorite Childhood Memory: All four of us sleeping in Dawn's bed on Christmas Eve night. I always was the first one up to see what Santa brought us.

My Hero is: my Mom. My Mom will do anything for anyone. Anyone who knows my Mom knows that she is the most genuine person. She is an amazing mother that has taught me so much.

Favorite Thing About Yourself: I am a great listener. I would go out of my way to help anyone.

You are Happiest When: I am with my favorite people - Brett, Rylee and Jake.

Biggest Challenge: Getting 5 kids to sleep at the same time!!

Biggest Fear: Car accidents. I stare at Brett during long car rides to make sure he doesn't take a really long blink.

In 10 Years, I See Myself: Enjoying our teenagers with my husband!

Describe Yourself in 1 Word: Helpful.

p.s. I'd direct you to Ashley's blog...but, she doesn't have one. Although...she is obsessed with reading other don't you think she needs one?

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Karen said...

I love Ashley too. Not just because she is the best "nanny" to my grandson but because she is such a great caring person. She is so funny, that's where Rylee and Jake get it. She is always honest and upfront about everything. Goes out of her way for everyone and never says no to helping everyone. Great niece.