Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lil's Big-Girl Bedroom


She fiiiiiinally loves it - don't you? I know I certainly do.

I have some thanks to give for the bed:

1. Thanks to Walmart for discontinuing the bed that I originally bought...I love this one waaaaay more!

2. Thanks to Ikea for having the very best prices in the whole world!

3. Thanks to pregnancy nesting - I had all the bedding bought over 2 years less expense now!

4. Thanks to Brad and Cassie - the mattress fits perfectly. I'm glad we could take it off your hands for you!!

5. Thanks to Bryan for putting it together the very second we got it because I was so excited. And then for moving it around a million different places until I found the place where it worked best!

Doesn't she look so tiny in her big bed??
She loves it!! long as we leave the door open.

p.s. don't worry - we've got plenty of pillows in case she falls...and she already has.


emily said...

soooooo whimsicial!!! did i spell that right?

Ashley said...

I Love it!!! Her room looks great!! What a big girl!!

Jacki said...

Awe her room is beautiful, so girly,I love it!

The Cuties' Mommy said...

It is super girly...I was thinking of painting stripes on the bottom and changing the top to very light pink...but bryan is saying no. Maybe it would be too busy with the bedding - who knows?

bryan said...

The best part of it is I can give her kisses super easy now and at any time. Before she was really low in her crib and old me couldn’t bend over and reach her. Not anymore!! Love ya Princess!

April said...

Super cute!!! I can't wait to see it in April. :)

Karen said...

What a big girl. She looks so cute in the big girl bed.

tara said...

OHHHH! I just love how teeny tiny she looks in her big girl bed!

Julie said...

that's the cutest room ever!!!