Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yip Yip Yippeeeeeee!!

Did you see what I got for my 30th???

Yep - and I've already used it to make some cookies. Bryan was in awe - his Baskin Robbins memories came flooding back as he was showing me how to use it.

It was simple to use and utterly perfect - I LOVE IT!!

Today...Lil is sick. I think I'll use it to make some homemade wheat bread while she slumbers....

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em said...

woooooooo weeeeeeeee!!!! i talk about mine like it's a household staple!!! b.c it is:-) you know, "mix your dough in your kitchen aid with the dough hook." some people look at me like, "what if i don't have one." i look back at them and think, "what?" that sounds a little snobby, but i'm not meaning for it to!!! really, it's a kitchen MUST:-) so glad you have one!!! did you get any attachments with it?