Thursday, February 26, 2009


that's how i feel.


the cuties were sick...they kinda still are.
ear infections all around.
they're not contagious...says the doctor.
3 visits to the doctor.
lots and lots of medicine.
lots and lots of cuddles and love and kisses.

then, the mommy gets sick, too.

i don't get sick often, i normally talk myself out of it.
is that even possible?
it must be - because i normally can chalk it up to allergies.
this, sick.

good news.

i don't stay sick long.
wish me luck.

here's a pretty picture...way prettier than my look these days. don't ya just love az?


em said...

i sooooooo know how you feel;-)

Frogger said...

Get well soon Campbell Cuties!!!
btw, you have no capital letters in this entry. Without proper grammer, we are an anarchy.

Bamwright said...

feel better soon!

Karen said...

Dawn, sorry to hear you are sick. It must be going around. Get better soon.