Friday, February 6, 2009

BIL - Brett - Uncle Butt

I have been feeling very guilty for neglecting to mention the presence of our BIL Brett at Brady's family bowling birthday outing. Remember that?

Well - to try and rectify such error - I have decided to devote this entire post to none other than....

Brett Sheldon Babcock

Age: 24
Married: yeppers, to my sis - Ashley
Kids: Rylee (almost 4) and Jake (2)

I have known Brett since he was...well - just about 14 years old. Ashley and Brett have dated (on & off) since Brett was in the 8th grade...and she was in 10th. Yes, she was robbing the cradle. He grew up in the same south Scottsdale neighborhood in which he now resides with his very own family.

Everyone says the hottie and Brett look like brothers. So...I guess that makes Brett a hottie, too! Won't he be excited about that.

Brett's a native of AZ...just like us Majercin kids. Our parents went to the same high school - but, my parents graduated just a few years ahead. It sure is a small, small world. His family has become my family - not that I'm technically related...but, I sure feel like it - they're awesome.

We love Brett because....

1. He loves the beach just as much as we do.
2. He is always up for a Disneyland trip.
3. He is Lily's Godfather.
4. He is super handy - plumbing, carpentry, painting...pretty much anything.
5. He watches many of the same teenie bopper shows I do...but, not Gossip Girl!
6. He cried at the Notebook - oops...was I supposed to say that?
7. His favorite movie is Mean Girls - is he not my twin or what?
8. He could hands-down win any speed eating competition.
9. He orders 10 tacos from Del Taco and Ash has to warn him when he only has 2 he can prepare his mind that he's almost done...p.s. - he has the metabolism of a 10 year-old.
10. He is super competitive - reminds me of me.
11. He has pretty good fashion sense and definitely isn't afraid of the mall.
12. He and Bryan have this real "brotherly" bond - it can be frightening how much they are alike.

We love you Brett

You're super awesome!!


Ashley said...

Awwww SO sweet! You forgot to add that the boys like to dress alike!

Anonymous said...

So if he's a hottie, then that must mean his older sis is really hot! Probably! ;)

Jacki said...

What a nice little blog about Brett! I really liked the part about you thinking of us as family, we feel the same way about you!
1 week till Disneyland!!! Yeah!

The Cuties' Mommy said... a couple more things - 1) sometimes I think that Brett really is my twin, 2) Apparently he cried at Mandy Moore's A Walk to Remember (per his text to me this morning) 3) Ash - isn't it you that likes everyone to match? 4) Tara...definitely...he is so hot - his older sister must be a supermodel! and 4) are family...I heart Disney...Yippee!!!! :)

Karen said...


I agree Brett is a hottie and he is the best plumber in the world. Who else would come over Christmas morning to fix my hot water heater. He is a real keeper. Glad he is part of this family