Sunday, January 25, 2009


Once again - we voted (as a family) on doing Disneyland instead of birthday parties this year. That trip is planned for Valentine's weekend...but...Brady wanted to go bowling. So, Saturday - we all met up in Mesa for some fun, family bowling time.

It was just a small group - us 4, Cori, Mike & Aidyn, Ash, Ry, & Jake, Billy, and my parents. It was very low key, relaxing and fun. The kids actually LOVED it and were super well-behaved.

I know - SHOCKER!!

p.s...Brady would never have picked out pink cupcakes...but, you get what you get when you didn't order them or make them ahead of time.


Cori said...

You forgot Brett lol. It was fun! Happy Birthday Buddy!

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Oops...sorry Brett.It's a good thing he doesn't read the blog! :)

Karen said...

I think the cupcakes are great.

Ashley said...

Very cute! At least we all know Brett was there now!