Monday, January 5, 2009

i'm SO not popular!

See this:

I just added a gadget to the very bottom of my blog. Yep...I'm down with the technical terms here in the blogosphere. It tells me when someone goes to my page - many "hits" I get. Doesn't tell me anything more than I guess my popularity.

You see - most of the blogs I check out have numbers high up in the 10's of thousands if not more. And...mine...well, it says 22. I was able to start it at any number I wanted...I chose 0.

Maybe I should have chosen 100,000 - you when you order checks for the first time. You're not supposed to start at 0 - most often they'll tell you to start at 1000, or 1500...NOT 0. I'm not sure what I was thinking.

Every time I now go to my page...I'll remember just how NOT popular I am.

Oh, well - this blog/journal, or blognal is for me, really. Me, Me, Me - who cares how popular I am anyways!


Anonymous said...

Dawn you have already doubled your visitors in just one day! 44! You are very popular:)

Frogger said...

Yes, that is a nice gadget! Speaking of gadgets, I figured a way to view your blog anonymously.

Frogger said...

Now you are up to 54. Dawn, are you just going in and out of your web page to jack up the number? Shame on you....

The Cuties' Mommy said..., I am not going in and out of my page - but, that is a good idea...thanks! and Frogger...who are you? I see you are part of the red I know you are at curry road!