Monday, January 5, 2009

Lilbugs is 2

Lily Mae Campbell



I can hardly believe our Lily is 2!! It seriously seems like yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital.

Here's some stats on Lil:

Born: 1/5/07 (obviously)

Weight: 6 lb. 3 oz.

Length: 19 inches

Today: 33 inches

Weight: 27.5 lb.

Loves: Mac n' Cheese, babies, shoes, taking her shoes off in the car...and putting them back on, strollers, nite nites, pizza, and rides in Brady's jeep

Naps: One a day

Bedtime: 7:30pm

Things we love about Lil: giggles, smile, evil eye, devil voice, her love of food, her run, curls, & kisses

Happy 2nd Birthday, Lilybugs!
We love you!


tara said...

Happy Birthday to the adorable Lilbugs!!!

bryan said...

I got the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th.........15th birthday kisses in this morning! It was her birthday I couldnt stop...wait thats everyday! Love ya bugs!

April said...

Happy Birthday Lily!!!! Love and miss you lots =)

Karen said...

What a little sweetheart. I agree, it does seem like she just came home from the hospital yesterday. I cannot believe she;s 2.

Doreen said...

Happy 1st Birtday Lily!! Can't believe your 2 years old already. You sure are a cutie!!! Love, Aunt Reene.

Doreen said...

Yikes...Aunt Reene is getting old. Sorry Lily....Happy 2nd Birthday to you. Your still a cutie!!! Love, Aunt Reene.

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday my little bugsy!!! And for the I got 16-35 of her birthday kisses!! Crazy that our babies aren't "babies" anymore!! :(

Jacki said...

Happy birthday Lily! Hugs and kisses from the Babcocks!

Donkeytown said...

Happy Birthday Lily! I wish we lived closer to you, we love and miss you so much.
Meme & Poppa