Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Useless Talents

I can say the alphabet backwards - and SUPER fast.

You see - this one time in the 3rd grade, we got a substitute teacher. She gave us the challenge of learning the alphabet backwards.

Picture this - little Dawn (because I was always really little) sitting in class - the star pupil. I was given this impossible task...or so I thought.

I was challenged. I practiced. And...I learned the alphabet backwards.

I've never forgotten it.

Useless Talents.



April said...

Hey I have that "talent" to... Meme taught us(Bryan and I)that way back in the day. Pretty much at the same time she taught me the basics of playing the piano. Remember Bryan?

Donkeytown said...

I learned this from my Mother when I just was a kid. Next time you visit her, ask her to recite it for you! She'd love to!

Erin said...

Why does it not surprise me that you were the star pupil!!!

bryan said...

Something must have happened then because I cant even say my name backwards without having to write it down first, and its only 5 letters!

Karen said...

You crack me up. Can you write the alphabet backwards also?