Sunday, January 18, 2009

You Can Do It, Dawn

I am scared of a lot of things, I'm sure of it.

One of my biggest fears...Mouth Injuries.

Toddlers are the worst. You know when a toddler is finding their walking legs for the first time how precious it is? The waddling, tip-toed adorableness is SO cute. Well, this cuteness comes with many falls. And...unfortunately, it seems that toddlers always lead with their head...therefore, many mouth injuries.

I have been known to cry out, "Are the teeth missing?" many a times after a fall.

The other day Lily fell and bit her lip. She and I were alone in the house. There was blood. I took a deep breath, felt for the teeth - they were still there. Whew... I took a cold towel and instructed her to bite on it. I saw the blood (which by the way was NOT that much) and quickly took Lily to the couch...I was seeing stars. I had to sit down.

I'm a basketcase.

Last night, Cori called me. At first it sounded like there was excitement (maybe she won a big poker tournament online???). I was wrong. There was excitement...but, not that kind of excitement. Aidyn fell and her mouth was bleeding. There was a lot of blood. Cori and Aidyn were alone. I said I'd be right there.

I dashed to the Majercin abode...well, maybe drove like a very proper maniac obeying all rules, but speed.

Along the way - other than call my Cori - I talked to myself. This is what I repeated over and over again. "Dawn, you can do this. You can do mouth injuries." I am dead serious. I was giving myself a prep talk.

Sometimes I'm good in an emergency situation - sometimes. Like the time when Aidyn at 2 mo. old ate an M&M. But, NOT the time when Brady's elbow was pulled out of socket.

At the Majercin abode...Cori proved she was good in the emergency situation - she had it all under control. I was barely needed.'s always good to have a sister there for support, you know?

On the way home...I wondered to myself...Why am I always so freaked out about mouth injuries? The only reason I can come up with stems back to a childhood babysitting issue with my 3 siblings. And once again - that mouth injury just happened to affect Cori.

I'll never get over my fear of mouth injuries. But, thank goodness for pep talks...they totally work!

p.s. - I SOOOO love this picture. It was taken before the boo boo, obviously.


Karen said...

Dawn: I know how you feel. I am not afraid of blood, just choking. I panic the minute any one starts choking. I can handle the blood, stiches,plastic surgery (thanks Dougie)but not choking.

tara said...

Don't worry Dawn, I make my Mom go with me just for Avas shots!!! I have had to talk to myself SEVERAL times!!!

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Thanks Ladies!!! And...Aunt Karen - the choking...yep, that's a difficult one too!

Cori said...

Thank you Dawn! I was really happy that you could come over and help me. I'm so happy to have you as my sister and thank god you are so close you could rush over here. Thank you! I love you!