Monday, January 12, 2009

Game Night

I love games!! I really do.

Games = FUN

Games are awesome.

Can you tell how much I love games?

And...I'm super competitive. I have been known to get into "silence" fights with the hottie for days following a good, competitive, well-played game of charades. I can't help it that we're really good at that game. So good, in fact, that the boys always think we're cheating.

We no longer play charades.

Our new game is Partini - super fun. It encompasses a bunch of games in one. It's funny how you play games SO differently depending on the participants. Last week, we played this at my parents with Robin & Aaron, Cori & Mike, and Ashley & Brett. Sheesh - the topic of the game seemed to revolve funnily around S-E-X. Kind of funny, kind of crude, but, mostly peeyourpants kind of funny. Then, the other day, we played the same game with Cori & Mike, Ashley & Brett, Billy, my Mom & Dad...and Grandma. Wow...the whole feeling of the game changes. SO different. Still fun, but different. You gotta bless Brett's heart - trying to make it a bit like last week...but, with Grandma sitting there - wasn't really happening. Although she did get a few laughs. Just not peeyourpants kind of laughs like last week.

Does anyone have a Wii? Well, we don't. But, it seems like everyone else does. A couple weeks ago, we were introduced to Rockband. Or, should I say...our new obsession. Bryan had been talking about this game...and it sounded fun - but...not THIS fun. It only took one song and I was hooked. We literally played for 7 hours on Saturday. It was like junior high Nintendo all over again. With Rockband - no music skills are needed. Just the total willingness to make a fool out of yourself and be okay with it. See that's my kind of music skill. I've been blessed with a terrible voice - but, I do think that makes for the most fun in karaoke - and Rockband is just about as karaoke-ish as you can get...but, you also get to "play" the guitar and drums. Pure fun. Try it - or not - it's addicting.

Another game that I love to play is Left, Right, Center. I like to call it the Dice Game. involves $3 and 3 dice (or if we're feeling wealthy $5). Winner takes all. This game is a normal event at our family parties - it brings, screaming, yelling, praying, superstitions, and lots and lots of laughter.

I think that when games are played - it helps people get a true sense of others' personalities. Everyone knows I'm crazy, loud, obnoxious and competitive. But...when games are played - that side totally comes out. I can't hide it. It's in my DNA - and I love it!

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Karen said...

Dawn: It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without playing the dice game>