Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Me, Me, Me, Me, Me

My friend...well, really my bloglebrity friend - Courtney - has been getting some pretty mean, rude, and inappropriate comments, including verbiage on self-centeredness. It seems that because she:
1) has a blog
2) talks about herself
3) talks about her nieces and nephews and BIL and sister that she has taken under her wing following a traumatic accident 5 months ago
4) uses sarcasm
5) pats herself on the back a bit, well-deservingly so
6) talks about her faith

She is criticized. What?? I know - crazy.

This got me to thinking...Isn't my blog just an open book on my life? Isn't my blog about me? Isn't my blog about my cuties? Isn't my blog about my hottie?

It's my blog - I can write about whatever I want. I write about me, about my family, about my friends, about my life, about my thoughts...and sometimes I write about others.

That is what a blog is for - right? To reflect...and...if you so want, to share. With that being said, I think all blogs are borderline self-centered - as they should be.

Nothing makes me more upset than those lingerers out there that go from blog to blog, and post comments just to criticize. I call them the meanies. There are millions of blogs out there - they are all different. If the meanies don't like one - the meanies should stop reading - and go to another one. No one is making the meanies agree with it, no one is making the meanies read it...but, the meanies choose to post rude, hate comments. Sheesh - just plain mean.

It's kind of like the golden rule right? Which by the way...has anyway heard that the golden rule is being changed to the platinum rule? I guess something like..."treat others as they want to be treated"...Sheesh - can't we just leave well enough alone? know I often digress.

It's times like these when I'm glad I'm not popular. I don't know if I could handle all of the mean comments. I would probably have to comment back...and that only makes it worse, I'm sure. The hottie tells me (and so does my mom) that I always have to have the last, I'd surely be in trouble with those blog-haters.

I guess it comes down blog is about me - if the meanies don't like it - don't read it! Sheesh...I'm sure glad I'm not popular - too much to worry about.

I'm sure glad the meanies haven't come across this blog yet - they'd surely be upset and comment!


Jacki said...

You know what I like to think is that the meanies are getting to be a little bit nicer by reading all this cute stuff and eventually will not be meanies anymore!

Erin said...

i agree!!!! I love your blog and it is your right to write whatever you want. No one is being forced to read it!!

Karen said...

I read your blog faithfully every day, and find it to be amusing and uplifting on days that I really feel down. Who cares what the meanies say. If they don't like it then stop reading it. Duh!!