Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brady is 5!!!

What?? How is it possible that Brady is 5 years old?? Believe me - Brady reminds us that it is possible. He is completely aware that today is his 5th birthday.

So, in light of the special "one whole hand" birthday,here are 5 Things I Love About Brady:

1. He's a bit of a perfectionist - so, yes...I know that he is definitely my child.

2. He loves to snuggle. I'll take all I can get - I know this doesn't last forever.

3. He loves anything sport related - baseball, football, golf - so we know he is definitely Bryan's son, too.

4. He's all boy, yet he has a soft serious side, too.

5. He's really good at school...and saves the troublemaking for at home. There's nothing like the teacher telling me how great he is in school, especially when I've just put him in time-out for the gajillionth time. SERIOUSLY! :)

Brady, you made me and daddy parents and we are so thankful and proud to have you in our lives. You are a great big brother and Lily looks up to you - she wants to do everything you do (which is sometimes scary). We love you Buddy!! Haaaaaaappy Whole Hand Birthday!!


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April said...

Happy 5th Birthday Brady!!!! AJ and Hayden really miss you but so do I and Uncle Justin. Love you lots and hope you had a great day at the zoo.

Karen said...

wow 5 years old. Happy Birthday Brady