Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bushy Bush

Yesterday, when I picked up the Cuties at my parents' home...this is what Brady told me:

Brady: Rock Obama is our new president.
Me: Wow!! Who taught you that? Did you learn that at school today?
Brady: No. My Nanny told me that Rock Obama is my 2nd president. Bush was my 1st president. I'm 5 and I've had 2 presidents.
Me: Good job, Buddy. You are right!!
Brady: Bushy Bush was first and now Rock Obama!

Hee Hee...I didn't have the heart to tell him that it was not "Rock" but "Barack."

Later that evening as I was reading my nightly news on the internet, Brady saw a picture of Obama and he said - "That's Rock Obama!!" I could totally tell how proud he was that he knew who our new president is.

Thanks Nanny!! You are awesome!

** thanks azcentral...I loved your inauguration pictures!


Erin said...

You have the cutest child ever!!! I love that he knows Rock Obama! It works... :)

Karen said...

I certainly like Rock Obama better than Barack. Way to go Brady.