Friday, January 9, 2009

Dogs or Kids?

I just got this cute email from my friend, Monica. This is what is said...

Life really boils down to 2 questions:

1. Should I get a dog?


2. Should I have children? decide.

Aren't these the cutest pictures ever??
Well...unless they were taken at your house.
Hee Hee...


Donkeytown said...

Since you ask the question...I don't think they're the "cutest pictures ever" cute picture to me would be pictures of the cuties/grandkids. I had both kids and dogs and my house NEVER looked like this. Everyone would agree.

bryan said...

I will agree that the house never looked this way. Muffin had no teeth and Mugsy was to busy sniffing Muffin's butt! But I will say that the bedrooms had there fair shair of bomb's going off. I think there is a picture out there of me in my room as a kid with all my toys/clothes everywhere and you can barley spot me on the floor, and lets not talk about mom and dad's closet or the corner of the room hidden under towels! LOL...oh the memories 831

Donkeytown said...

Well, Bryan, I still have that picture! Came across that one not too long ago. Funny you remember, you were very young.