Monday, January 26, 2009

Golf Anyone?

The Hottie LOVES golf!! Remember on his 30th birthday when all of us surprised him with brand spankin'-new golf clubs?? Well...guess what Brady got for his 5th birthday??

New clubs!!

Well...they are NEW to him...but, not necessarily new. A few months ago - our neighborhood had a garage sale. Our neighbor was selling these perfectly almost new kids clubs. So cute...and best of all, SO cheap! They were way cuter than the sets in the store...and for the cost of a tank of gas (even less) we were the new, happy owners. Brady doesn't even need to know - does he?

He was super excited - but, I think Bryan was even more excited.

So...the boys have taken their first official golf outing - to the range. And, boy did they have a blast.


emily said...

that video is so stinkin' cute!

April said...

I LOVE IT!!!!! Perfect age to start and wait he's a righty. I'm guess I'm one of the few with a lefty golfer. Loved the video cause it looked by the swing that it(the ball) was going downtown. Keep it up Brady :)

Jacki said...

Tiger Campbell! Go Brady!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Brady