Friday, January 30, 2009

I Wanna Wear Pedroia....

Brady got a Red Sox t-shirt for his birthday. He has lots...but, he didn't have a Pedroia and goodness was he ever so excited when he opened the gift.

So was the Hottie - guess what he got???

Brady loves to match his Daddy and wear the same Red Sox shirt. He will often change his shirt to match whichever one his Daddy is wearing. This is the ONLY time Bryan will allow such coordination. You see, I bought them these matching hawaiian shorts last year...guess who refused to ever wear them?? Bryan. No worries, Brady didn't let it stop him from wearing the cute shorts...he loved them!

p.s....Brady is wearing the Pedroia shirt to bed tonight. He has patiently waited for me to finish washing it and he will be christening the shirt as jammies. (I'm weird and things have to be washed before worn.)

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