Friday, January 23, 2009

Who Protects Who?

Or... is it Whom?

Anyways...ever since I was little, I always wanted a boy child first. I'm not sure why. Maybe it has to do with the protection an older brother could give...or maybe it's the cute friends possibility. Regardless, I always wanted a boy first.

While I was newly pregnant with Brady...we thought for sure it was a girl. I was wrong - and I had the first part of my childhood dream: A boy child first.

While pregnant with Lily...we thought for sure it was another boy. I was wrong again. Now I my complete childhood dream. Boy first, followed by a girl.

Wow - I was lucky!!

Protection? Brady does seem pretty protective...most of the time. As long as Lily is not stealing his toys. But was Lily who protected Brady. Here's how it all went down.

It's 5pm and we're waiting for Daddy to get home. The kids are getting restless...can you blame them? So was I!! Well...I thought - let's play a good ole game of Hide-N-Seek. The next 40 minutes were full of screams. laughter. more screams. more laughter. And, of course...lots and lots of counting.

The last round - my turn to hide. I hide in the hall bathroom tub, behind the curtain. Did I mention, I'm a really good hider? Well...I guess anybody is against a 2 and an (almost) 5 year-old. Oh...and...I had to literally book it like I've never run before because Lily is chasing me the second I leave the of course I'm panting...quietly.

Here's the rest:

Brady: 123456789, 10...Here I come. Mommy? Where aaaaaarrrrrre you?
Lily: Chuckling
Me: More panting
Brady: Mommy?
Brady runs down the hall, I can see him peek in the bathroom.
Brady: Nope. Not in the bathrooom.
Brady runs back down the hall.
Lily: Again, laughing standing at the bathroom...because she watched me run in there.
Brady: Mooooommmmmy?
Me: Brady & Lily...I'm in heeeeeeere!!
Brady runs back down the hall.
Brady: Mommy? Where are you?
Me: Silent
Lily: Still standing at the bathroom door.
Brady: Mommy...are you in the tub? Say Yes or No?
Me: Silently chuckling.
Lily: Chuckling loudly.
Brady: Lily...go look behind the curtain - see if Mommy's in the tub.
Lily walks to the curtain and pulls it back.
Me: Boo
All: Laughter..Screaming...Excitment

So...this leaves me with 2 questions:
1) Who will protect who?
2) Can it get any better than this?


emily said...

that is the cutest story! i loved the panting part and hiding in the tub. so adorable. i play hide and seek with brennan, but within 2 min. he's forgotten i was hiding and is back to one of his toys;-)

Karen said...

Dawn: This sounds like fun. I wish I had done more playing with my children when they were little, instead of cleaning and cooking. These days are precious glad to see that you aren't wasting them.

Julie said...

SO cute, and I love that picture of them!!!