Friday, January 9, 2009

Old Friends and Playdates

Today was a fun day...

It started by getting the carpets cleaned. nice. I was WAAAAAAY overdue on having them cleaned!! Right now, they're a bit wet still, yuck - but, will be well worth it!

Then we headed over to my friend Jaime's house for a playdate. Jaime is my old friend from middle school. Yep...MIDDLE SCHOOL! Back in the day - everyone thought we looked alike. She is the mommy to 2 cutie-pants little girls, Alex and Sammie. The kids played, had fun, ate snacks, drank juice and we got the chance to chat it up and reminisce a bit. Luckily, she lives literally in the neighborhood - so hopefully we'll get to do this a lot more often!

Girly-Girl Alex - kept closing her eyes saying the flash was "SO bright!!"

The Cuties helping themselves to the girls' toys.

Almost 6 mo. old Sammie - cute as can be.

Cutest couple.
p.s. It's my godmother's birthday...
Happy Birthday Aunt Rene!!


Doreen said...

How sweet of you Dawn to include me in your blog update tonight. Thanks for the birthday call tonight too. Love, Aunt Reene.

Karen said...

Dawn what cute little red heads. Brady is going to be a lover boy, with the girls.