Monday, February 23, 2009


Lily was in pain last night...earache pain. We always know when she gets an ear infection. They come out of nowhere (she was just at the doctor on infection) and we (I) get NO sleep. Okay I'm being mean - Bryan does help out in the middle of the night...about 5 min. worth for every hour.

You can't help but feel bad for her. To make it even worse - we had absolutely NO tylenol, motrin...nothing. The kids were sick last week with fevers and we ran out of tylenol. I guess being the bad mommy I am - I had yet to refill our supply.

We stayed up the entire night trying to soothe the pain. As long as we were sitting up or standing - she felt okay. Come 5am - the hottie made his way to Fry's to have the honor of the first customer for the day. By this time, Lily was ready for the day - playing, jumping around, bathed and ready to head out to Aunt Ashley's.

9am - I called the pediatrician for a prescription. Wouldn't ya know it...they wanted to see her. Ugh...appointment scheduled. I wish there was an earache-meter to avoid the whole pit stop at the doctors prior to medicine routine.

Oh least we got to see our favorite doctor. Lily flirted, Brady vied for attention and got it, and I...well, I just tried to hide as my lack of sleep was certainly catching up to my face/hair/appearance.

Lily is now resting...hopped up on all her drugs: flovent, xopenex, benadryl, tylenol, and augmentin. She's a pharmacy. Poor thing.

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Karen said...

Poor Lily I hope she is feeling better.