Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Happy...


Today is my Father-in-Law's Birthday!!!

This is Glen.

Today is his birthday.

We miss him tremendously.

Remember when he was just here? And, he seemed to kick Bryan into full gear around the house? Well...I need him back. I've got a list of chores for Bryan and he doesn't want to start them. I'm even want to help out!!

Anyways - Glen...good ole' Glen. The man is awesome. When I first met the Hottie, many, many moons ago - they lived together. They were father & son, roommates, and best buddies. Ahhh...memories.

5 Glen Fun Facts:
1. Glen now lives in Connecticut with his wife, Marie. The two of them are the cutest, most lovey-dovey couple you've ever seen. If only we could all be so lucky.

2. Glen is an awesome body man....meaning - you wreck it, he'll fix it, customize it out, and make it look better than new.

3. Glen loves Filibertos. But, he only gets it when he visits AZ.

4. Glen makes birdhouses. We're always telling him he should sell them.

5. Glen still has the pickup truck that Bryan once purchased - long before I even knew him.

Together as a family -
we've picked 5 reasons why we love Glen:
1. He helped me learn to ride my bike.
2. I am the dad I am because of him...the original best buddy.
3. He is super fun, yet relaxed...exactly my style.
4. He calls up just to leave funny dumb quotes on the voicemail.
5. Not since the Brady Bunch have we heard someone use the term "swell" with such style...and regularly, too.

Happy Birthday Glen!!

Enjoy your day.
You deserve it!

p.s. Bryan says Happy Birthday you grungy wienie.

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April said...

I love the post(Dawn) and I love you Dad. I know I already told you but Happy Birthday :)