Friday, April 10, 2009

I've Got a Problem...

Remember this and this?

I'm addicted. Exactly why I do not read many books...let alone a series of books.

As I type this, I have just finished book 1 in the Twilight series. Yes...I purchased this book yesterday from good old Walmart. I excitedly read almost 300 pages late into the night on Wednesday...or should I say early into Thursday morning. Laughing. Crying. Frightened. Excited. That was me throughout the book. Jessica told me it would be that way...she knows my reading style. She said I would have all 4 completed within 1-2 weeks. And, now...I am sure she will be right. Tonight, I finished the book.

Yes, all 500 pages. Done. Finished. Finito.

I even read the sneak peak that was included for the 2nd book, New Moon. Sheesh...I wish I hadn't. I am literally forcing myself to type this post and then turn in for the night, rather than mosey on up to the 24-hour Walmart to pick it up.

Crazy? Yep.

This is why I don't read...much. I become obsessive.

At the Twilight party I reluctantly attended last weekend, I was reminded of Jessica's tween love for the Sweet Valley High books. Do you remember those? My love for those books was no different. I would stay a weekend with Jessica and we would read. Seriously. Maybe we'd get through a couple books a day.

Obsessive? Exactly.

So, what did I think about Twilight?

Easy read? = Yes.
Interesting? = No doubt.
Scary? = At Times.
Comical? =
Yes, it had that, too.
Love Story? =
For Teenie Boppers only? = No way.
Is Bella crazy for loving Edward? = Weirdly, No.
Should I have read the series long ago? = Yes.
Do I still think it is strange that people I know of all ages and gender also read this series? =
Definitely Not. And, I sincerely apologize for previously laughing at them for their choice of books/movies.

Once I complete this series - I'll be taking a break from reading. I'd been contemplating a book club. It seems many people I know are involved book clubs I could join. My blogging friend, Em, started one a while back. I was thinking of partaking in a virtual book club.

Sorry you can see - I've got issues with reading. I love it so, but once I start, I just cannot stop. Hmmm...I guess kind of like what Edward Cullen fears?


darcyb said...

You're not alone Dawn! I read the books a while back b/c my sister was dragging me to the movie and I hate seeing a movie adaptation of a book w/out reading the book! I read the book in 3 hours before the movie. . . finishing up the last chapter as the house lights were going down in the theatre! Then ran out and bought 2-4 and read all 3 of them in ONE WEEK! I couldn't stop myself! I read them at lunch...ignoring all of my coworkers...b/c I couldn't put them down til I'd read them all! :) btw. . . book 1 is the slowest most boring of all of them. . . which tells u just HOW GOOD the other 3 books are!

Karen said...

Dawn: I find this interesting. I may have to go out and get these books and read them.