Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's Been Going On???

Dear Journal,

Sorry I have been neglecting you. I have been wrapped up in this:

It's gotten even worse. Since I last wrote, I purchased the 2nd book - New Moon. Finished it. Then purchased the 3rd - Eclipse. Finished it. And, you guessed it, the 4th - Breaking Dawn. Finished it today during lunch. I loved the series. It literally took me by surprise at how much I enjoyed it.

I am fascinated by the author. Twilight was her first book - she dreamt about a scene in the book, woke up - and turned it into a novel. 4 books later...she had a series. To only be so creative....


It's baseball season - so the Hottie has been spending a lot of time here:

That's a good thing. He loves the game, gets to watch a ton of it, and gets paid for it. He'd do the job even if he wasn't paid...but don't tell his boss that!

Baseball season leaves me and the cuties at home alone...a lot. Tonight, I have snuck away to write down some thoughts as the kids make a fort behind me. I remember making forts as a child on my bed. Brings back so many memories as I hear them discussing their "house just for 2, Mom."

I decided to dress us in coordinating colors for Easter. The Hottie thought I was crazy. I bought him a new outfit. He was excited. He told me...well, it's probably a good thing I got a new outfit. I don't think I've bought one in 2 years.

Of course, my mom planned several games to play at Easter. We won the potato sack races. After the adults played - the kids got a turn. Brady, frustrated with himself after losing, pulled an "Uncle Brett" and stormed off in his competitive ways. It was hilarious. Rylee and Lily - froze during the race - and just stood there wearing the sacks vs. jumping to win. Jake would have won the $10,000 prize on America's Funniest Home Videos when the Easter Bunny jumped out and scared him. Is it cruel that we all thought it was just oh, so funny?

The night before Easter, my mom and I braved the rain and attended the Easter Vigil. It was nice and calming.

Finally, we've been sucked in once again to American Idol. I can't help it - LOVE that show. I seem to find myself happily crying each week. There is just something so magical about the show making dreams come true.

My vote is for Adam Lambert. Pure brilliance.

Don't know who he is? Watch this.

Well, that about says it all for right now. Off to tuck the cuties into bed. Then, to review a teaching lesson for tomorrow at work. Then, to greet the Hottie after he arrives home from the game. Then, to cuddle up and watch American Idol. Then, finally to tuck us both into bed to prepare for tomorrow.


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