Thursday, April 2, 2009

Old Roomies

Freshman year of college I had 3 roommates. We lived in a small, 2-bedroom apartment near ASU.

You get 4 girls together in small living spaces, and things are bound to be crazy. I came from a family of 2 sisters and a brother. I was used to fighting, followed by immediate laughter. That's what siblings do, right? That's what it was like in the apartment. Loud, Crazy, Fun, a bit of Fighting, and lots and lots of laughter.

In one room, Gina and I slept in futon bunk beds. Yes...futon bunk beds. In the other room, Nancy and Michelle each had their own real bed. Just like siblings, we often all bunked together and shared stories late into the night.

We were young and naive. Once we had a party - we barely showed up...but, everyone else sure did.

Kind of seems like yesterday, while at the same time light years ago. In all reality, it's been over 10 years since those cramped bunk days. We're all grown...reaching the milestone 3-0 and still taking time out to see each other.

I like to think we'll forever be friends. Here's a recent snapshot taken about a week ago for Gina's birthday. Michelle had to leave early...but, here's Nancy, Gina, and Me.


Ashley said...

You look so good in this picture! I love it!

Ashley said...

What's with the three guys wearing matching shirts in the back?!?