Sunday, April 26, 2009

Athletic? So Sure

When I was around 10 - I decided to play softball. My parents signed me up for SMS - Scottsdale Miss Softball. I was placed on a team of girls all around the same age, yet I didn't know anyone.

My mom was an all-star softball player. In her younger years she was part of a traveling it was in the genes to be rather good. The pressure was on - but I loved it.

Luckily, I joined a great team of girls that were all just starting off, too. The first year...I can't say I was that good - in fact...I'd say I was pretty bad. Our team, Brennan's Babes (yes, that was our name) stayed together for the next several years and we only got better and better.

Those years are a part of my life that I never want to forget. I loved softball - and most of the time, I was pretty good.

For the last few years of my playing, I was a pitcher. I seemed to have been given my mother's gift of softball - well, not as good - but, still pretty good. I could field, pitch and hit relatively well. I definitely wasn't your power hitter, but I could be counted on for a single or double.

When I reached high school - I stopped playing and traded in my glove for a cheerleading uniform. I loved cheerleading - and yes, I still think it's a sport. But...someone definitely should have told me I couldn't get a scholarship for cheerleading - maybe I wouldn't have quit softball so quickly.

Seeing that I have been out of high school since 1997 - I guess it has been a good 15+ years since I have played softball.

But, it's like riding a bike right?


This weekend, my awesome employer rented out the Scottsdale Stadium for a team building event of softball. It was super fun. We all persuaded our spouses and (older) children to join in on the fun. We had 2 teams of around 15 - coed.

The Hottie and I, of course, jumped in on the fun. And, fun it was.

I did not have a glove - so luckily my brother lent me his glove. I really meant to hit the batting cages beforehand...but, you know how that goes. We arrived early to toss a few. And boy...did I ever need it.

I am not quite sure what happened to me. I can still catch - thank goodness. My hitting is okay - definitely not great, but at least I was able to make connection. But, sheeeeeesh-ka-bobs...throwing. Ugh. To say I "throw like a girl" is giving me too much credit. I think Brady can throw better than I can. Luckily, the hottie was willing turn our "toss a few" into "toss a ton." I was starting to somewhat get the hang of it at the end of our practice. But, still - it was em-barr-a-ssing!!!

I used to think I was athletic. Now I'm starting to think I was fooling myself. Was I ever really a softball player? I have the memories...but, were they dreams? Nope - I have the pictures to prove it also. Hmm...what happened??

I have NO IDEA!! I have vowed to join a co-ed team ASAP...any takers? Hopefully, I can recruit some of the fam to join in on the fun. I have to get myself back into the athletic gear. I have told the hottie we need to get me a glove and practice. And...I'm serious!!

Needless to say - the game was super fun and I really hope to do something of that sort again in the future. Our team did get our tushies kicked - but, it was all in good fun anyways. Bryan did get a home run and he couldn't have been more excited. Me - I was 0 for 2. No strikeouts, though - so I was okay with it. It was 90 feet to 1st base...enough said!

Moral of this story = You do lose it if you don't use it.

p.s. - it's the day after...and I'm sore. from throwing a softball. W-I-M-P, WIMP!


Erin said...

Dude...I couldn't walk yesterday!! And I am all in for a team...I just have to go to the batting cages over and over again and learn how to really throw the ball, so keep me in mind if you need some peeps! You did great!

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Hee hee hee...I'm glad I wasn't the only one. I was feeling waaaaaaaaaay out of shape! :)Let's totally get a team together!

Frogger said...

Dawn, you mentioned something that I can now add to my "sport or not a sport" opinion on chearleading:
If you can't get a scholarship for it, it isn't a sport.