Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Sunday nights are softball nights.

The boys play. The girls chat. The kids run off all energy.

It is wonderful.

This past Sunday night - we're watching the boys play when all of a sudden a softball flies (and very quickly) into the dugout. The girls see the boys rushing over and calling out for ice and towels. I head inside to gather said items. While collecting the first aid essentials - Ashley comes in to announce the injured party is none other than...you guessed it...the Hottie. Ashley informs me it is a mouth injury and he is missing a tooth.

The blood drains from my face - I'm feeling lightheaded. WHAT? I cry out?

You see - mouth injuries are my weakness. I can handle anything else...just not mouth injuries. I cringe at a loose tooth. When the cuties were learning to walk, I just about had a face mask made for each one.

Back to the Sunday night...Ashley quickly tells me she's kidding. She must have seen my ghost-like appearance. She does tell me that he needs stitches.

When I make it outside - he is lying on the ground and his lip is grossly enlarged and gushing. Ewwww....AAAAAAAAAAAAH! Such the team player he is - he still gets up to bat for the remainder of the game, so not to count as an out.

What?? I would have been on the way to the dentist/doctor ASAP.

In between games (there is a 1 hour gap) we make it to the Gilbert Hospital and back...4 stitches later. He plays the 2nd game and only upon driving into the garage does he state - this hurts.

p.s. no pictures....ewwwww!

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Karen said...


I heard about Bryan's injury on Monday at work. The first thing I said was "OMG Dawn must have freaked out when she found out it was Bryan's mouth." I also heard that Bryan hit a homerun. Way to Go!