Sunday, April 19, 2009

Look Who's 32!!

It's The Hottie!!

Happy Birthday Bryan!!!

Sheesh...I met Bryan early in 1999. So...I guess that would have made him 21 and me 20. Wow - I remember being 20. Seems like only yesterday...yet, oddly I don't remember celebrating birthdays without Bryan. It feels like he has always been there. And, I like that.

Weird. You kind of just grow together like time never existed before. Oops...sorry to digress - this post is supposed to be about the Hottie.

Back to the Birthday Boy...32!!! Wow. And, I thought I was old...JUST KIDDING! I only say that because he is feeling a bit anxious about getting towards the mid-30's. I keep telling him I remember when my parents were 32...I don't think that is helping one bit.

Reasons Bryan is DEFINITELY not old:

1. 32 is the new 22.
2. If he's old, then I'm not too far behind him.
3. Softball - home runs...need I say more?
4. Old people have grey hair...oops!
4. The Cuties = Super Active...and he can keep up!
5. Old people drive slow...oops!
5. Some of his best friends are YEARS younger...and most of the time, you'd barely know.
6. He tends to get carded before I do.
7. He's H-O-T, Hot.
8. And, finally - even though his 401K has gone to the crapper...he really doesn't have to worry because he has FOREVER until he can even use it!

We plan on celebrating the big 3-2 by eating with the whole family at Big League Dreams prior to the 6pm game. I don't think it could be any better of a birthday for him:






Weekend - No work

All Bryan's favorite things. The only thing that would make this better is if the weather was warm enough for him to take a "summer shower" after the games. Or, maybe if he was playing at Fenway vs. Big League Dreams.

Happy Birthday Babe!! Enjoy your day!!

Repeat After Me: 32 is not old. 32 is not old. 32 is not old. 32 is not old.

It works for me!

ps...I love you tons and tons and tons...and so do the Cuties.

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April said...

Happy Birthday!!! Well you're still younger than me so I will say, "you're not old"
Love you and I can't wait to see you. I'm very excited!!!!
Miss ya,