Saturday, May 9, 2009

What Does He Really Think?

Brady's Pre-K hosted a Parent Appreciation day.
It was so cute.
It was obvious how much they practiced.
They sang many songs about their love for their parents and grandparents.

Brady...has no problem with stage fright.
I think he craves it.
He was one of the...should I say...most boisterous of all.

One of the cutest parts of the day was the "interview" type narratives that the teacher put together. She interviewed each child about either their mother or their father. Throughout the performance, she would read the interview - and we all found out how...pretty much our child views us. Bryan didn't get the whole interview from Brady...but here is the ending of how Brady sees me.

Brady's interview was around the middle of the program. So...I had plenty of time to hear other interviews and rack up enough nerves about what would be said about me. Many kids had talked about their moms and dads loving the computer, apples, salads, working, video games such as Kill Zone (which was funny). All I was thinking about was the Everyone Loves Raymond episode in which one of the twins wrote a story that was read aloud during open house describing "The Angry Family." I was only thinking what kind of therapy would we all need. Needless to say, no worries needed.

Have I mentioned how I love Brady's Pre-K? Yep...many times. 2 years from now - I hope Lily will be in the same class with the same teacher. Is she tough? Yep. Is she strict? Yep. Is she knowledgeable? Yep. Is she loving? Yep. Has she increased Brady's skill? Without a doubt.

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