Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th at The Babcock's

July 4th is one of those holidays in which we really do not have any type of tradition. And, by that - I mean...we pretty much do something different every year.

Last year, we lived it up at the Arizona Grand hotel - pool, slides, Rustler's Rooste, family, was fun.

This year, Sheldon and Jacki Babcock had a "We wish we were in San Diego" party and BBQ. It was a Yes, it was about a thousand degrees - but, I don't think the kids noticed at all. It was a fun, laid-back, potluck-style, family-fun BBQ at their house. There was quite a lot of people and kids...and it was F-U-N!

Yes, it was about a thousand degrees - but, I don't think the kids noticed at all. They spent almost the entire night either in the kiddie pools or Christina's gigantic water slide. The >18 group hung out around the ladderball, pool table, Rockband, outdoor A/C units...or in the shade watching the kiddies all play in the water.

Of course, the Cuties were more about the water than the food...well, unless it involved Yes, it was about a thousand degrees - but, I don't think the kids noticed at all. Well, unless it was about cupcakes. Lily stole both the cupcakes I attempted to eat.

As luck would have it - the Babcock residence had a perfect view of Arizona Country Club fireworks. The kids were in awe. Well...most of them. Lil wanted nothing do with the noise. Which made for an excellent time as the "men" (if that's what you'd call them) threw those snapper-like firecrackers at everyone's feet. She did get her chance to throw one down at Bryan's feet - but, of course...she didn't have enough power to make it pop!!

Around 10-ish...right as I was finishing a round of Rockband (six months sober and jumped back on the Rockband wagon) we started a game of poker. was literally the looooooongest game of poker EVER!!

No - I did not win (wah, wah, wah) not even close. We did not leave to go home until after 2am. Yes...seriously...we're bad parents. Just kidding. Well, maybe I shouldn't mention that the Cuties, along with the Babcock Cuties and the Sowa Cutie partied the night away with us. Oops.

Don't fret - Lil did take a nap around 10pm...until midnight. She woke up with her second wind around the time that Brett's cousin, Mike, lost a game of Farkle...but that's a whole other post.

Although, we weren't in San Diego - the 4th certainly was fun.
Hot - yes.
But, still fun.

And...we didn't have to fight millions for a space on Mission Beach.

Thanks Babcocks!!

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