Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sprinkler Fun

Mondays and Wednesdays the Cuties are with my sister, Cori. Yes, my sisters take in the Cuties while their mommy goes off to the corporate world. Who better to watch your kiddos than your very own sisters...

Aren't my sisters the absolute best? Seriously, they're awesome. I really do not know what I would do without them.

This Monday - when I arrived to pick up the Cuties, I sat down for a bit outside with my mom. Aidyn was wearing the most adorable dress. Lily and Aidyn were running around outside, even though I'm not sure how - considering it's a million degrees. My mom and I were quietly watching Aidyn as she, ever-so slowly, creeeeeeeeped out to the grass that was being watered by the sprinklers. We're whispering to each other how adorable her dress is...should we take it off of her??? Hmmm.....

Well, she manages to inch her way into the grass, clothes and all. She proceeds to run around through the sprinklers - smiling, playing and giggling - not a single care in all the world. Lily is in awe. She quickly joins Aidyn in on the fun.

Once Lil was thoroughly saturated, the sprinklers turn off. You could see the disappointment in their eyes. We chuckle, yet feel a tinge of sadness their fun has so quickly ended.

So...we call Aidyn and Lily over. They waddle over to us with their waterlogged clothing (and diapers) weighing more than they do. We strip their clothes off, and allow them to run around freely, while Poppy turns the sprinklers back on for a little bit more fun.

Back out to the grass they run...this time clothing free.

A short time later, when the sprinklers turn off, they sadly run over to us covered in pieces of grass. We turn on the hose to rinse off the grass - and their eyes light up. Who needs sprinklers when a hose can bring the same amount of fun?

Tonight, we ate dinner at my parents house. Guess what Lily wanted to do? Run in the "sprinkas"...and, yep you guessed it. We gave in, again. This time, to both of the Cuties. Brady kept on his undies. And, Lil...well, she prefers her birthday suit. pictures of tonight.

Sprinkler fun brings me back...way back to my childhood. Ahhh - the memories.


Krystal said...

OMG! They are so stinking cute!

Ashley said...

So cute!!! Jake would of loved it! I watch the kids on mondays and wednesdays silly!

em said...

TOO TOO TOO cute. i love chunky babies.