Monday, June 29, 2009

The Professional Soda

photo courtesy of my favorite site, Google

Sometimes I just crave a professional soda. No, not a soda from a can - or even a bottle.

What's a professional soda, you ask? I'll tell you.

The definition of a professional soda is...a purchased, fountain drink, in a cup, with clean/filtered ice, lots of fizz, and a straw.

Is your mouth watering? Mine is.

I think my mom coined the term, "professional soda." And...just about all of us now use it on a regular basis. It's as common of a phrase as..."Starbucks coffee" in our family. Back in the day, near my childhood mom had been known to order a professional soda from her favorite drive-thru establishment early in the morning...and slowly sip it all day long. Yes, she'd drink it all day...watered-down...and all.

Let's talk about this establishment. Today...and for about the last 30 years it has been called La Milk Depot. Apparently, many moons ago - before I was born - it was called Cal Palace. So...that is what I have grown up calling it. No - Cal Palace hasn't been it's name since before my birth...but, that is still it's name in our family.

My mom was a regular to Cal Palace. And, by regular - I mean 2 times-a-day, regular. Once in the morning, and once on the way home from work. When my parents moved away - I swear the Cal Palace monthly profit drastically decreased. Luckily, we still have a lot of family around the, when nearby - we always make a pit stop for our $1 sodas. Which are probably not $1 anymore, but when you have been ordering a $1 soda forever - I guess they just give it to you for that price.

My favorite professional soda is from McDonald's. Why is it that Mickey D's has the best tasting sodas? There are rumors that they spike it...but - seriously, we know that's not true. Right now - the sodas are $1 at McDonald's. Yes, $1. All. Summer. Long. So...if I'm facing rush-hour traffic, with at least an hour drive home with the Cuties in tow...we have been known to stop for a happy meal for them to share and a $1 soda for me.

Yes, I know - it's only the utmost of nutrition at our house.

Mmmmm. The professional soda. Deeeeeee-licious.

p.s. Cori recently reminded me just how much of a regular my mom was to good ole' Cal Palace. They knew her so well that when she pulled up - she could just put up 1 or 2 fingers to note either order 1 or order 2...they'd know what she'd want. HILARIOUS!


Krystal said...

I LOVE MICKEY D's $1 SODAS!!! Cant beat it!
But Im with you, I think they spike it too. It just tastes better!
Oh water and Ice in the Albertsons center at scts rd and Thomas has great soda too! Filtered ice, filtered water in the soda= goodness!

em said...

i'm thirsty. and i want that sign for my kitchen.