Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Boys and Their Toys

When I first met the Hottie...well, he was a...toy collector. Not only that - but, he had a wall of perfectly-spaced, unopened, Hot Wheel cars.

Seriously. It's a miracle we're married, isn't it? Just kidding.

In fact, he even reminded me tonight of our 1st home. sigh. sniffle, sniffle, tear. And, how in our front room we had some built-in shelves that held some of his prized car collection. Needless to say - as soon as we were able to furnish the home (little-by-little) those cars mysteriously made their way to the garage or storage.

What can I say? He has loads of toys.

I really didn't know how many until tonight. And, thankfully - I still don't know how much. Besides being an avid toy collector - he is also a pack rat. I have been trying to break that habit for years...and he has been getting much better.

Recently, Brady has been asking for Bryan's Star Wurls (that's how he says it) toys. Bryan has been bribing Brady with good behavior. Tonight was THE night. After I taught Brady how to say Star Wars (he still resorts back) Bryan went to the attic and got his collection of Star Wars toys in their perfectly new-ish case.

Brady was in toy-heaven.

All I heard was Brady's shriek of joy and even louder, Bryan's loud, excited reminiscing of childhood playtime with these toys. Brady was all ears. It was adorable.

Then I hear Bryan saying..."well, these 4 are mine. I just can't let you have these ones. You can have the rest. have to take care of these. They are really old. They are worth a lot of money."

That's what the Hottie always says. Now, don't get me wrong...I'm sure they are worth a heck of a lot more than the few dollars that they cost back-in-the-day...but, tell me when that matters considering he would never in a million years sell them. But, whatever. It makes him feel good to say they are worth a lot - so, I excitedly nod and smile approvingly.

Then, the Hottie leaves the room. He comes back with a white box. Where this box came from - I have no idea. But, he did carry it out from our bedroom. Inside the box...many, many more toys.

Brady couldn't believe his eyes. He was giddy. Bryan...well, I'm sure you can imagine the look of excitement he had on his face as he one-by-one took each item out - talked about it - said how old it is - let Brady touch it - and then after a short bit of each item gently back into the box. He then returned the box to it's magical hiding spot, free from my view.

Hilariously cute!

As Brady continued playing with the Star Wurls toys, the Hottie brings out the last treat for the night. A Voltron. Apparently, this was THE toy to have back in 1984. And, I guess as luck would have it, Bryan had the entire set of die-cast toys. Well, you would have thought Santa just arrived - the excitement from both boys was uncontrollable.

After demonstrating for Brady the transformer-like ability of the Voltron - the Hottie packed it up, put the toy in it's VH-1 bag (that apparently has been it's home ever since 1984) and placed it, too, back into the magical hiding place for Bryan's toys.

"That's it for tonight Brady", he said. "You can play with the Star Wars toys, but remember they are worth a lot of money - so be careful with them. And, if you continue to be good - there are a lot, and I mean a lot more toys that I have saved to share with you."

Frighteningly cute, isn't it. I house is not very big. And, believe me...I do NOT have much storage room at all. Yet...apparently, our home has all of these magical toy hiding places. Hmm...just where is this hiding space? I could certainly use it at Christmas time.


Cori said...

This Post is so cute! I can totally picture Bryan explaining all the toys to Brady :) I wish I kept more toys like the boys did so I could give them to Aidyn.

April said...

Hey Bryan can I have the Mr. Bean Mini??? It's just a car!!!!!!

I wonder what was left under the bed for toys?????
Love you!!!

Krystal said...

Thats whos squeel I heard!

That is so cute that he is passing his toys along!