Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First Cuts

Growing up...I always had really, really long hair. The kind of hair that you would sit on - the "past your hiney" kind of hair. It was super silky. I loved it. And so did my mom and dad.

Once when I was around 5 - I had it cut for the first time. I came home with it chopped off to my shoulders. My dad about fainted. Lucky for me it grows way too fast.

I took Lily for her 1st haircut yesterday. I was a nervous wreck. You would have never known. I played it off very well. In my head all I was thinking was...Lily is going to come home with her hair chopped off to her chin.

Yes - bobs are cute. bangs are cute.

But...I want Lil's hair long and all one length. Well...at least until she reaches an age to tell me what she wants.

So...they trimmed it. Barely. Straightened out the ratty baby edges. Cleaned it up. Lil stayed perfectly still. Definitely a diva - loved the entire experience. Loved the braids. And, especially loved the lollipop she went home with as a treat.

Ahhhhh...I can now relax. Still long. Still my Lil.


Ashley said...

Ummmmm I've talked to you about 10 times today and you never once mentioned this!! So cute! I'm sure Mom was freaking out! She hates when Rylee gets her haircut. At least we can now see Brady's eyes! :)

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Ooops...sorry, Ash! She really just got a trim so it wasn't that big of a deal (well, after I confirmed she only got a trim). And, you're right...mom does love Ry's hair super long. She never wants her to get it cut again.