Saturday, June 13, 2009

1st Birthdays

I love first birthdays.

I love everything about them. I love that the birthday child doesn't know it is their birthday. I love that first birthdays include more adults than children. I love that the birthday child is more interested in the people than in the presents. I love that the presents are mainly toys, but the birthday child could care less. I love that people cheer on the birthday child just like a newlywed couple - hoping for the birthday cake to be worn rather than eaten. And, I even love that first birthdays often lead to meltdowns.

Today was Lincoln's first birthday party. Robin and Aaron put on quite a shindig at Jeepers. I can honestly say that we had a blast. And, by we...I mean all of us - the kids and me!!

All first birthday characteristics - definitely fit Lincoln...well, all but the meltdown. He was super cute - super happy - super brave (even rode the scary/fast spinny ride) and the only mini meltdown I saw was during presents. He was eyeing all the toys as they were opened and was torn to pieces when they were taken away to open the next one. But, come was a big tease!! Thank goodness they quickly opened up a phone for him to play with. Instant satisfaction.

The true meltdown was owned by Lil. To say she had fun is a complete understatement. She literally threw herself to the ground in true meltdown/tantrum fashion when it was time to leave. (Makes me really excited for those teenage years.) I had to carry her out - kicking and screaming.

Happy Birthday Lincoln!!!
Thanks for having a FANTABULOUS party!!

Hmm...who had more fun?
The kids? Or, the adults?

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