Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's June for Goodness Sakes

Bugs started swim lessons.
I wouldn't really call them lessons.
It's more - fun with mommy while
singing in the pool.
Not at all like Brady's Infant Swim classes
from a couple years back.

Brady's = hard core, life-saving, survival skills.
Lil's = happy, sweet, fun times in the pool.

It's June...in Arizona.
You'd expect the pool to be like bath water.
It's not.
It feels like a pool in March.
We've had weird weather the last few days.
Rather cool...for Arizona.

We got out of the pool after the lesson,

Lil's lips were purple.
I was shivering.
We couldn't get to our towels fast enough.
I think I'm still thawing out.

I guess we should feel lucky.

This weather will too soon pass.
Next week, we'll probably be sweating during the lesson.
And...we'll wish it was more like the last couple days.

Did I fool ya? This is Lil a couple week's ago in our pool. Not in the arctic pool from this week. But isn't she a cutie?

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em said...

we are having serious thunder/lightening/rain storms up here!!!!!! so crazy how "fall" it has felt. i love it, but just wish it would be sunny for half of the day so the pork loin could get out.