Monday, June 22, 2009

Best Friends

Saturday evening we had a house guest.

Avery Lee Truran.

When she arrived, Lil was sleepin' away.
We tried to wake her up.
She wouldn't budge.

Avery didn't care.

She made herself at home.

Played with the girlie toys.
Ruffed' it outside with Brady.
She made herself right at home.
Just how I wanted her to be.

When Lil finally awoke,
the girls played together like the bestest of friends.
Strollers. Cars. Baseball. Dolls. Kitchen.
It didn't matter - they had fun.

We took a field trip to the San Tan mall playground.
The kids were all great.
Waiting for the round-up call
to head over to the DQ for a little treat.
Over at the DQ the girls had vanilla with sprinkles.
Brady had a cherry dipped cone - in a dish.

I hate the word delish.

We made it back just in time to change into jammies.
Then, Avery's grandma picked her up.
As Avery was leaving she says,
"There goes my best friend, Lily."


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