Friday, July 3, 2009

Lil Ballerina

A few weeks ago - I signed Lil up for a toddler dance class.
Lil loves dancing. She loves Dancing with the Stars and SYTYCD - only because of the music and dancing. She could care less about any other TV or movies...but, when she hears the music - she loves to dance.

I found a very basic toddler class called Bouncing Babies at a dance studio in Gilbert called Sas Dance. The class is designed for the ages of 2-3. Their summer session was beginning June - I enrolled her. I figured I will give her 2 months and if she is liking it - we'll continue...if not, we'll be done.

We were told that she needed both tap shoes and ballet shoes - so off to Payless we went. Did you know they sell dance shoes at Payless? I had no clue. Perfect was during a BOGO sale - woo hoo!!!
On the drive to her first class, Lil was super excited. She was wearing some comfy shorts and a tank and her tap shoes. The shoe girl that she is was loving it!!

Little did I know that even toddler dance class is VERY independent. The mothers sit in the hall and watch through a window as their children dance in the studio. The second Lily went in...she freaked out. She turned quiet, shy Lily. And...she decided that very moment was the time to start to suck on a finger. What!!???? This from a girl that we couldn't beg to take a binky. She never cried, but - she was the child that sat there the entire time. just watching. with her finger... glued to the inside of her mouth.
I couldn't believe it. I expected her to be a bit shy. But, she never warmed up. The girl loves to dance - and she did not dance one little bit during the entire one-hour class.

At the end of the hour, all the little girls received a lollipop. Well...sure enough Lily was in heaven. She loves her lollipops. So, she happily accepts the lollipop and runs out the door smiling. As we are walking out to the car...guess who then decides to dance? Of course. AFTER.

As Lil was the only child not wearing leotards - of course, Nanny suggests getting her all dolled up in a leotard. So...during the week - I scour around for toddler leotards and tights. I pick one at the second-hand store and target. So, she now has the uniform...and she loves dress-up, so this just might help.

The second class comes. Lil was so excited to put on her new leotard and skirt that she is ready with about an hour to spare for her 9am, Saturday class. We talk about dance class the entire way. She walks into the building with a big smile. Then...she enters the dance studio.
Immediately, the finger-in-mouth, quiet Lil returns. What!!????

Lil's group of Bouncing Babies joins the Dancing Divas group of 3-4 year-olds with hopes that the younger ones (primarily Lil) will...come out of their shells.

Lil - watches intently. Soon, the finger leaves her mouth. She is smiling. She is...well, trying to dance, tap, somersault.

Whew...big improvements. It took awhile, but she is beginning to warm up to the class. At the end of class - she dances her way out of the room and into the car. Of course, lollipop in tow.
Check her out - is she absolutely adorable???!!!


Krystal said...

She is so cute!

Can I have her?

Oh come on Ill give you my two boys for your one girl!?

No, you say...

Ok, Ill just love her thru the computer!

Virginia Janet said...

She is sooo cute and adorable.!! I love her beautiful smile. She looks adorable in that dress.