Monday, March 30, 2009

Summer Wait

Dear Summer,

I'm not ready for you yet.

Could you please wait for just a bit longer before you attack us with your unearthly sunshine? I am enjoying the Arizona weather. Warm and sunny one day...sunny, yet cool and breezy the next. Temperatures in the 70's - 80's = perfect. The cuties love to play outside and soon - it will be much too hot.

I promise to be ready for you in another month. The pool will be calling our names. It's already starting to whisper to Brady. He can hardly contain his excitement. And...Lil got the cutest suit ever and we can't wait for her to put it to some good use.

The year is moving much too quickly. I have barely put away my Christmas decorations...or so it feels. Maybe that is what happens when you turn 30 - life speeds up. Thinking about it - in a mere 7 weeks, Brady will be finishing his Pre-K program and will enter Kindergarten. Sheesh...where has the time gone? And, soon after that, Lily will be 3 and we will need to begin a hunt for another preschool program. Time is flying by too rapidly.

So, Summer...please delay your arrival. But, when you do make an appearance, we'll be ready and waiting for our nightly swims and weekend pool parties. Oh...and "summertime baths" as the hottie would say.

With much appreciation,

The Campbell Cuties

p.s. Thank you for even the bit of delay I have seen so far...I have yet to need the air conditioner. Making it to the month of April with not one day of air conditioning? Unheard of!


Ashley said...

Cute post Dawn!! I too LOVE this weather right now!!

bryan said...

Summertime Baths are the best! Nothing cleans the body better then Chlorine in a 10,000 gallon tub!