Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fate, Luck, or Justification

I'm Irish.
So, I guess the cuties are Irish, too.
This year I randomly found some "Irish-y" green outfits.
I forgot to find something for myself.
Oh well - I wore a green sticker.
It did the job.
Brady's shirt was found at the Children's Place.
Great prices and a 30% off coupon.
Couldn't be better.
Last weekend, I was at Old Navy with Cori, Ashley, Tara...and all the kids.
p.s. Thanks Tara for the 30% off coupon!!
I was in line after rummaging through the store literally for-ever.
I saw this striped green shirt stuffed at the end of the check-out.
Cute...I thought.
I picked it up.
Size 2t.
I suddenly remember St. Patty's Day only 2 days away.
I think so.
Or, at least that's how I talked myself into buying it.
So...after I put back almost everything I picked up (me = weird, remember?)
I bought it.
Do you ever do that?
Think of random, weird ways to justify a purchase?
That's pretty much my life.
Wait...maybe it was the luck of the Irish.

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Ashley said...

I Love those pictures of the kids. Lily looks just like you in the top picture!