Monday, March 2, 2009

We are THAT Family

All day today - I craaaaaved Italian food. More specifically, I wanted good ol' comfort chicken parm.


I tried talking myself out of it all day. almost worked. Then, on the way home - I had to give in. I called the Hottie...he was excited - he had been wanting Italian for a few it was a definite go. I'd pick up the cuties and pick him up at home to head out to dinner.

At 6pm - we headed out. Where to? We decided on an Italian place called Baci. I guess it has been around forever...but, recently just opened in a new location at Germann and Ellsworth. We had never been, but had always heard good things.

And...mmmmmmmm it was.

But, that's not the whole story.

We never go out to dinner. Well...that's not fully true. We'll pick up a $5 Little Caesar or a have a Wendy's night. It is pretty rare that we head out - all 4 of us - to dinner.'s times like tonight that remind us why.

Have you ever been at dinner and there is that really loud, obnoxious, annoying table with children and you wonder, "who brings their kids out to eat like that???"

Well, tonight that was us.

Here's what all of the patrons had the privilege of enjoying this evening:

  • We were all starving - they couldn't bring the food fast enough and Lily sure let them know.
  • We were at Italian (remember the craving?) yet Brady
    is not Italian's biggest fan. Pizza = yes, spaghetti = no. He sure was vocal.
  • It was freezing. I admit...I was shivering, too. But...we have Brady literally saying over and over and over again - "it's freezing in here." And - believe me...he does not speak quietly. Well, the restaurant did get the message - they were constantly turning the air on and off for us during our entire meal.
  • Slamming forks on the table - immediately replaced by splenda on lemons to quiet Lil up.
  • "Boken" buckle highchair as Lily said - and boy did she loooove that!!
  • Screams and laughter - followed by the "shhhhh...inside voices."
  • Lil yelling "happy burday guys" to the nice lady behind us with the birthday cannoli.
  • Me repeating over and over - "whisper. whisper. whisper. whisper." Followed by Lil's nonexistent whisper and VERY loud laughter.
  • Lil - in and out of her highchair (remember the "boken" buckle).
  • Mommy and Daddy scarfing food down SUPER fast before just asking for a to-go box.
  • Sugar packets ending up on the mini kids pizza...don't worry, Lil didn't care.
  • Brady reminding us of his hatred for spaghetti and sauce.
  • Mommy quietly scolding.
  • Daddy quietly scolding.
  • Cuties laughing.
  • Finally...giggles from the next table over as they hear Lily talking LOUDLY and me shushing and asking for the check.
Warning - if you ever see us out to dinner...turn around and leave. Well, unless you're looking for some entertainment.

Good news - I got some cute pics...check em out:

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Frogger said...

I'm thinking you are missing a bullet point regarding the mess that was left behind. Not only on the table but on the floor. Just a guess.