Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Kind of Friday

I love Fridays.
My day off with the Cuties.
It's so cute...Brady even knows it's my favorite day.
Thursday nights, he consistently says...Mom - tomorrow's your favorite day!!
And, he's right.

Today - we didn't do much.

Straightened up.
Straightened up again.
Made lunch.
Played outside.

After dinner - we went to the park with Daddy.

Brady rode his bike - he's getting pretty good.
Lily was a bit scared of the "big, bumpy" slide.
She decided the kiddie one was fun enough for her.

Walked home.
Play some more.
My kind of day.

Here's a video I promised of Brady riding his bike.
It's take 2.
Take 1 = a bit of a fall with lots of laughter.


sassou483 said...

hello do you want to be my friend?
i'm french.
do you speak french?

em said...

i have a confession: i don't buckle brennan in on the way to church. sigh. we live on a private lane which drives 8 or 9 housesd down to our church. i just love letting him drive;-)