Saturday, March 7, 2009


Just when I think that Lil will never learn her colors - she surprises me.

She has this thing about eating snacks (ie. fishies) in plastic cups with a spoon. I think it's all about independent Lil - making sure she can eat. like a big kid. spoon and all - all by herself.

Well, last night she grabs a ladle to eat with. Of course after a few chuckles I go to get her a plastic spoon to make things a little easier for her. I open the drawer and grab out one of the Ikea specialties and Lil says - ooohhhhh PINK! And she was right!!

Just to test her, I said - Lil what color shirt are you wearing???

Pink. She said all knowingly.

Right again!!

Yes...the 2 year mark has really hit her. Both of the cuties were a bit slow on the learning - no judging please - after 2...things came pretty's, 123's, speaking in sentences, colors...etc.

She's there!! Yippee!

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em said...

yay lil!!! pink is a girl's best friend;-)