Sunday, March 15, 2009

Relaxing Busyness

This weekend - we had no plans.

I love these weekends.

I always have plans to relax.


That never happens.

Friday started off with a visit with the cuties at Grandma's.
It was nice.
We had lunch.
A nice little visit.
Brady asked Grandma a million questions.
Grandma answered them all.
I cringed and laughed.
Next, we traveled on down to the mall.
Met all the kids at the playground.
They played.
The moms chatted.

Saturday morning involved lots of cleaning.
And, yardwork.
Cleaning was interrupted by a lovely invite by my mom.
Reflexology = awesome.
All this, followed by a couples date night with Cori and Mike.
Food, games, laughter = FUN.

Sunday - Bryan got a boy's day out while I took the cuties on a lunch playdate.
The kids ate and played.
Well, mostly played.

The moms chatted.
A bit of sisterly shopping followed.
Sunday night dinner followed by softball.
Lil and I skipped softball.
Lil = fever....uh oh.

It is now after 11pm.
I am wondering where the relaxing and sleep ran away to.
Oh well...there is always next weekend.

p.s....hottie if you're reading this...I never got to mop the floors. Could you be a doll and help a girl out? Love ya!

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em said...

mmmmmmmmmm, love it. we're in it currently...but with plans. plans that are subject to change;-) vacations at home are my new favorite thing!