Friday, March 13, 2009

Little Girls are Emotional

I was woken up this morning early.
By none other than Lilbugs.
She was up at 5:30am and ready to play.
Before Bryan's alarm.

Did I mention, I don't work on Fridays?, Brady does not have school.
So...we really had NO reason to get up early.

Bryan got her some milk.
And she layed down next to me.
For all of 5 minutes.

Bryan decided to shower.
Lily thought it was play time.
Ceril, Ceril, Ceril - she yells.
(that's how she says cereal)
Bryan gets her a bowl of cereal.

A few minutes later, she's yelling.
Down, Down, Down.
She can't get off the stools by herself.
I help her down.

Brady gets up.
Bryan gets dressed.
I shower for the day.
Lily wants to get in the shower.
She loves the shower.

I get out.
She gets in.
It's a struggle getting her out.

She's crying.
I get her dried off.
She's crying.
I brush her hair.
She's crying.
I make her bed.
She's crying.
I give her Rylee's bracelet - that she loooooves.
She's crying.
I try toys.
She's crying.
Try books.
She's crying.
Ask her if she has an owie.
She's crying.
(but, the answer is no.)

Emotional girls...I guess that's the norm.
She's cries for over 30 minutes.

With Brady - I dealt with tantrums.
Quick, somewhat loud, annoying tantrums.

So different.
Boys vs. Girls.
So different.

But, I enjoy every minute of it.

As I type this
Lil sits on my lap.

NOT crying.

Maybe it's me.
Or, maybe it's the lollipop.

Yes, it's 7:30am.
No judging.


em said...

i believe it goes, "lollipop, you must mistake as a sucka"
said britney spears at least;-)

em said...

ahhhh, i forgot "me"!!!
"...must mistake ME as a sucka"

Karen said...

Dawn whatever it takes to make them quit crying works. Time does not matter.