Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blogsurfing at it's Finest

Remember how I love blogsurfing?

I could get lost in blogtopia for hours...going from one blog to the next to the next, and so on. Each one different. Different people, different places, different stories.

As I peruse over different blogs - I often think about the people and where they live and their life stories. Stories that they share with whomever wishes to browse. It's almost a magical fantasy land.

I have a secret.

A couple of months ago - as I was browsing through one of my bloglebrity sites, I came upon this blog. Blissful Living Studio - so much creativity. I just know I will make it there someday to take one of their many classes.

As I was reading this blog, I became lost in the stories. 5 children - craziness - photography - happiness - stressful - honest. That is exactly what I felt from the read. She wrote plain honest life stories and feelings. Some hopeful, some sad, some exciting, and some just downright hilarious. As I continued reading on and on (for us regular blogsurfers...you start from entry one and read forward like a book) I realized that I knew her. Well...not technically...but I realized that this family lives across the street from my parent's house.

Small world, right?

I was kind of excited, yet mortified at the same time. I had gone from blogsurfing - reading through so many blogs of people that I don't know, but sometimes feel like I do, and yet will never meet - to eeeek!!! (sshhhhh!) a stalker? Nooooooo.

I didn't know what to think. I tried to pull myself away from reading the rest of the blog - but, I was already sucked in. Blogs are like books - you just HAVE to know what happens next. If you don't continue reading, it's like walking out in the middle of a movie.

So, I did what any good blogsurfer would do. I finished the blog. I tried to erase the blog url from my memory. But, you see - it has such a catchy url address. Besides, I knew that I found it from Blissful Living, so I could always find my way back.

Every so often - I secretly continued my chapters of that blog. Finally, one day I told Cori what I was doing. She looked at me very strangely...I could almost see the horror in her eyes. In my head, all I heard was blogsurfer??? or stalker??? which one is it?

A few days later - Cori told me she was sucked in, too. It didn't take Ashley long to jump on the bandwagon, either. After all...SHE is the one that taught us all about the blogging world.

Some blogs just pull you in. Ideas, recipes, crafts, politics, entertainment - these are all things I get from reading blogs. This blog is just one of those that has pulled me in. The difference is - in this case, I happen to actually know the blogger...from a distance anyways.

So...what do you think - Blogsurfer or Stalker?

** I definitely think blogsurfer. I read many a blogs weekly, if not daily - for inspiration, for laughs, for creativity...for fun.


Cori said...

I definitely will say Blogsurfing....but a little bit of a stalker feeling when you're our front of Mom and Dad's and you see the family across the street....then you think stalker. lol We just need to tell them haha

Frogger said...

The funny part is your neighbors are probably reading your blog and thinking the exact same thing.

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Hmmm....good point Frogger. I hope so!