Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Update

Santa came to our home.
Then, Santa really came to my parents' home.
The Cuties had the absolute best day.
Brady got his basketball hoop he had begged and begged for.
Lily got her princess bike.
And...they both got a whole loot of other stuff.
They are in heaven.
The Hottie got me exactly what I wanted...
Comfy jammies and a basket full of cleaning supplies with
"Free Cleaning" coupons from him.
I got him some clothes and The Hangover.
Exactly wanted he needed...and wanted.

We spent the days with family.
Christmas Eve - My Uncle Brad's for dinner, White Elephant and lots of Griswold fun.
First stop - Nanny and Poppy's for breakfast, gifts, and fun.
Second stop - Meme and Pepe's for some chatting and gifts.
Third stop - Aunt Eileen's for lots of family time, chatting, eating, and Secret Santa revealing.
What a perfect day.

On a side note...My Aunt Eileen made the official announcement that she is retiring from Christmas Day festivities. It was a very difficult and emotional decision for her. We were all in tears. My Aunt Renee is taking over Christmas Day. It is the beginning of a new era. Looking back, there is not a single Christmas I cannot remember celebrating at Aunt Eileen's house. I remember as a kid seeing Nan and Pop, all my cousins, and lots of family and friends. I remember often times heading home with Robin instead of to my own home. I remember running around the front yard with all the many, many lights (the same yard that the Cuties now play in), I remember looking very intensely at the miniature house collection and wondering how long it took her to collect SO many pieces. I am so thankful to be part of such a loving and close-knit (and often crazy) family. Thank you Aunt Ei and Uncle Rich for many, many, many special memories.

The Cuties at the kids table...coloring

My cousin Kristen and me

Brady pickin' oranges and climbing trees

The Hottie and me by the fire

Joe and Vicki

My mom and my brother, Billy

My Dad and Uncle Brad

Kasey, Sophia, and Lilbugs...they were inseparable

Christmas at our house

Christmas at Nan and Pop's

Christmas at Meme and Pepe (check out Brady's fingers...up close)

Brett and Jakey...sleeping


Stacey Pasquel said...

Great pictures! Such fun!!!

Ashley said...

LOVE all the pictures! Especially the one of you and Bryan!