Monday, December 14, 2009

Dancin' Lilbugs

Saturday, Lily had a mini parent show at dance class. All of the parents and family members were invited into the class to check out what they have been learning. I really didn't know what they would show us because the girls are 2...what can they really memorize? was SO cute!

One sad thing was the girls normally have a class of 6...but, only 2 showed. Oh well, it was still as cute as could be.

Putting on makeup...prepping for the princess role...
Zoning out Lil...the norm
Getting ready for the routine
I can't believe she actually pays attention!!

Ballerina walk
Can you tell she is pointing her toes???
Too cute!

The final pose...raising up like Ariel


Krystal said...

SHe has twinkle toes!!! And her friend is just as cute!

Ashley said...


Karen said...

That is absolutely adorable

Em said...

please, please, please let my little girl want to take dance.