Friday, December 18, 2009

Train Rides, Carousels, Bubbles, and Santa

What a night. It all started with a little pizza at the Babcock's. Then, off to McCormick Railroad Park we went for a train ride of Christmas lights. When we arrived, the Hottie thought we had gone to Disneyland there were so many people. And, to be honest...waiting in line for 1.5 hours made it sure feel like it :)

As we waited in line for the train ride - the kids (and us moms) visited some characters they had there for entertainment...Elmo, Cookie Monster, Pooh, Clifford, Tigger, The Cat in the Hat...among others. The kids actually did pretty good. Of course, Brady and Ry were right up in there saying hello, posing for pictures and giving hugs. Jake...he, too, jumped on in for hugs with every character!! So cute. Lil...she was good at standing a few feet away, waving, and screaming "I love you, Elmo." Hilariously adorable.
Finally...we got on the train. First cart rides. It was a bit cold - but, everyone loved it. When we exited the train, we made a run for the carousel. After a quick line and ride, I had to literally pry Lily off the horse kicking and screaming. She absolutely loves carousels. We then retreated to what we have begun to call, "the 44th street Santa."

We caravaned it over to 44th St. and Camelback for the holiday light display and Santa visit. Surprisingly, Lil had no problem with Santa and even smiled for the pictures. Brady finally got his cup of hot chocolate he had been begging for and the kids danced around and jumped in the falling bubbles.

Following the 44th Street Santa, off to home we went. The cuties both fell asleep about 1 minute into the drive.

What a night. What fun. We loved it!


Em said...

i LOVE the holding hands picture.

Stacey Pasquel said...

Sounds like tons of fun!