Sunday, December 7, 2008

I've Been Kris Kringled!

I LOVE this time of year - it's even better than Christmas Day. My family does this thing we call Kris Kringle or Secret Santa. It starts on Thanksgiving. We all put our "family" name in and then draw another family.

Then - the excitement begins.

December 1st starts Kris Kringle. The rules are simple - do something nice, i.e. small gifts, bake, etc. for your family at least each week leading up to Christmas. sly - you don't want to get caught!! Then, on Christmas night at Aunt Eileen's house we all present one more gift to our "secret" family - but not before they try guessing who was their Kris Kringle!!

It is SO much fun and I highly recommend every family trying this out at least one year. We've been doing it on the Pasquel side of my family for about the last 5-7 years - and each year it gets more and more exciting.

I swear...we always have the best Secret Santa - no joke. And, this year is NO different. Brady, Lily & I came home on Thursday afternoon to our Secret Santa gifts. The kids (and I, too) couldn't even wait for Bryan to get home to open it up. We got a TON of gifts:
  • Reed diffuser set (mmmm...smells lovely,
  • Light up Xmas shirts for Brades and Lil,
  • 2 decorative Xmas baskets filled with bags of Hershey's chocolates - yuuuuuummy!,
  • and a Santa cookie jar filled with oatmeal raisin cookies - the hottie's favorite!
Can you believe it?? I get the best Secret Santa every year!!! Maybe, it's because I'm so good all year long - just kidding.

But, seriously.....if you read this Secret Santa, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!


Erin said...

I have been wondering about your families' holiday going's ons!!! I like the updates. I can't keep up with you and your blogging. I don't have near enough to blog about :(

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Awww..thanks - but you do update your blog pretty often and I love it!!

Karen said...

Dawn: Secret Santa is the best time of the year. I love being the Secret Santa.