Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mommy of all Sorts

I just finished reading Marley & Me. It was super cute and I will be seeing the movie soon...can you say date night? The book got me thinking about my life as a mommy - from doggy to baby.

Bryan and I married on March 9, 2001. Kids were in our future - but...not right away. We always were an "if it happens, it happens" kind of couple - if you know what that means.

So...needless to say - it never happened. Here we were - very young, healthy, and optimistic about the future. After awhile, we often wondered why "it" wasn't happening. A few trips to the special doctor told us exactly why. Well...after a bit of struggling and unfortunate sad events - we decided we'd buy a baby...and that's exactly what we got, Abby.

One day on a whim - I kind of miss those, no bills, no responsibility days - we decided to go out and get a dog. After a quick fight on big dogs vs. small dogs (I'm for big, Bryan's for small), we were set - anything that doesn't shed too much. Upon seeing Abby - we fell in love with her immediately. She was small and white with golden-red spots. And...I think she fell in love, too.

Abby was our first baby. We got her in September 2002 - she was 4 months old...and she was perfect. For now. We treated her like the princess she was. Luckily she was quick to train - the only trouble was her "yappiness." Apparently, small dogs have this yappiness about them. I didn't know that...I guess I was a small dog virgin until Abby.

For the next 2+ years, Abby was it for us. She was our baby.

Then, after a few years of trying - we were blessed with Brady. Abby took to him immediately. We never had any problems with her and trusted her completely. We had read about how to "introduce" your pets to a new child and we followed all the steps. Bryan brought home a blanket with Brady's smell and Abby went wild. When we got home with Brady - we allowed her to sniff around and be curious. Almost immediately, she was protective over him - almost as if she knew how much we loved him.

That's where my doggy mommy days end. Over the next few years - sadly to say - Abby took a backseat to the Cuties. She never seemed jealous. She wasn't ignored - just not treated like the princess she once was. She continued to be great with the Cuties...only sometimes would she get a little mad. But, come on, how many times can someone sit on you or squeeze you before you get mad, too?

The last year we had Abby - was a struggle. We loved her...but, unfortunately couldn't give her the attention and affection she deserved. The joke was - anyone we saw (well, not anyone) - Bryan would ask, "Would you like a dog?" Sounds awful I know. We loved her and wouldn't just give her to anyone. We wanted to make sure that she was in a home in which she would be treated well...princess well.

Well - 2008 found us a home of our beloved Abby. My cousin Dougie took her in and she really has never been treated so well. We joke about their bubble baths, spooning, and cuddling - but I do not doubt that she is in the best home possible.

It makes me sad to think back at my doggy mommyhood. I loved her and still do - but, I really am a much better baby mommy. No offense to the dog mommies, I think that it is a really tough job - maybe even tougher than baby mommy. I just think I'm not cut out for both jobs.

So - thanks Abby - for giving me a few years to introduce myself to the world of mommyhood. I think you definitely "took one for the team" with me. Oh...and a huge shout out to all those that can juggle both types of mommyhood - I think you are amazing!

p.s....I just found out that our dear Abby, just today, gave Babe Lincoln his first french kiss....isn't that one for the baby book!


Krystal said...

Oh my goodness! This blog is so heart warming! By the was Im one of Ashley's friends, she told me about your blog and now I think Im hooked! I need to figure out how you got you site so cute! Mine deff needs a face lift!
Happy Blogging!

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Thanks Krystal...you made my day!!! I'll be reading yours tonight!! :)

Dreams on a Screen said...

Dawn, that was the saddest blog entry I have read on your blog haha..

Cori said...

I loved that Blog! You are a great Baby Mommy

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Awww...you're all SO nice!

Karen said...


Although Abby was not in my plans, she really is a cute dog, even though she is a barker. She is keeping Alex company and eats all of his food.

Jacki said...

I love the way you write! I really do have to be careful when I read it though, because alot of the time I lose all my mascara.